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In an ever-changing climate, environmental diversity is at risk and the reproduction of native wild plants has never been more important.

Wildflowers are those that grow naturally or in the wild without direct or deliberate human intervention. Planting wildflower seeds requires a change in mindset and simple skills to reproduce these types of plants.


Use these skills to replant the landscape by spreading your favorite wildflowers


The wildflower garden has a special charm, we can find all kinds of colors in it, which makes it look different and exotic. The wildflower garden is a very diverse habitat, rich in wildlife, beauty, and history.

These magical places are an important part of the earth’s heritage, but they seem to be gradually disappearing and it is interesting that we ourselves can rebuild them in our garden.



If you like the idea of ​​having a unique garden, now you can follow our step-by-step tips explaining how to make a wildflower garden.


In nutrient-poor soil, since this is the soil that usually occurs in nature, stop using fertilizers and herbicides, and keep the grass very short, removing all clippings to prevent nutrients from returning to the soil.

It is best to plant small plants in the fall in planters or small areas of the lawn for a natural look.

Make a small hole for each plant or flower and add a little compost to the bottom of the hole to help the plants grow quickly. After watering, add a little mold around each plant to avoid competition.


The most beautiful, common and easy to grow Wild Flowers




Una planta de temporada llena de flores de colores.

  • Debe ubicarse en una zona fresca y luminosa
  • Riegos abundantes, mantener el sustrato siempre húmedo (NO ENCHARCADO).
  • Recomendable abonarla durante la época de floración

Un jardín colorido y verde todo el año