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A unique building located in a wooded area of ​​the town of Sabadía surprises the visitor with its curious and mysterious appearance.

Both for the environment and for this curious construction, the building has been the subject of all kinds of reports.

It is, without a doubt, a singular and unique corner, beautiful even despite the fact that Nature has its surroundings taken. The hermitage, despite how hidden it may seem to be, is a place that draws attention due to its construction, something really surprising and magical in the middle of a forest and flanked by a stream. In the surroundings there is a water well and what in its day would be a vegetable garden.

Place of power in Asturias about which stories have run over the years about more or less mysterious events, it is said that you can see all kinds of manifestations, strange beings, fleeting lights etc … is there any truth in all this?

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A building difficult to inhabit?

It has gone through several hands, and several reforms carried out by those who have been its owners. The most curious was the one carried out with the stonework that reproduces a cloister with several capitals, if you look closely, you see that they are repeated. The place, according to the neighbors, is not consecrated, so it is not a hermitage, as some have pointed out. An upper floor was also added and to get to this place a small stone bridge is crossed.

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Sabadía is a small nucleus of houses with hardly any neighbors and mostly dedicated to rural tourism. You can visit the town and its surroundings, and relax in its beautiful places. In the mountains that surround it, you can clearly see caves, which seem to have been used as homes for hermits.
Centro de Asturias, Camín Real De La Mesa, Santo Adriano

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